Online retailer Lovehoney has sent off the World’s most memorable sexual health space in the metaverse, with a spring up across four stories of virtual retail chain Decentraland and offering a “full, immersive brand and product experience, educational videos, workshops, a dance floor showcasing the new music-activated product collection “Juno” and a sensual NFT craftsmanship display and auction”.

Running from the fifteenth to 31st July 2022 the store can be placed on any program with any PC by tapping on

Why the Metaverse?

The sexual wellbeing industry has profited from mechanical advances for quite a long time, and the Metaverse offers new open doors. Decentraland is a Metaverse that can be placed with any PC and no additional gear, as VR researches, is required. This makes it effectively usable and open for an expansive crowd that so far may have avoided the innovation. Additionally, the Metaverse space offers a mysterious spot for individuals to investigate sexual health items and content around the subject of sexuality.

Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Lovehoney, makes sense of: “Even though we’ve made progress over the last twenty years, when it comes to sexuality and the way we treat the topic in society, there is still a long way to go. In a World where ‘Big Tech’ is silencing sexual wellness brands, with regulations on Instagram and Google becoming more and more tight, it’s exciting for us to launch an experience like this pop-up space.”

She adds: “We put a lot of capacities and budget into our R&D efforts. We see ourselves as a (Sex)Tech company and have always been forward-thinking and keeping an eye on technological trends. Therefore, we were curious and the Metaverse store was close and a logical step.”

Four floors of tomfoolery and education

So, what the future holds? On the ground floor, the Lovehoney shop is where guests can peruse the brand’s hits and even buy them by being sent to the web-based shop. The Lovehoney Lessons region on the subsequent floor offers a spot to kick back, unwind and watch coordinated, instructive recordings from the brand’s worldwide master board. Up on the third floor, guests will find a craftsmanship display where they can appreciate and offer on a scope of suggestive workmanship from well known and new NFT specialists by means of OpenSea. All continues will return to the actual craftsmen. Lastly, the roof club will play music the entire constantly, displaying the new Lovehoney Juno range – an assortment of music enacted toys that unite an adoration for music and sexual happiness.

Bryony Cole, Lovehoney’s worldwide sextech master, says: “The Metaverse allows us to immerse ourselves in digital content rather than feeling like a separate viewer. People naturally look at entertainment as the only possibility for sextech, but there is also a great potential for sex education, sexual happiness and sexual health support in the Metaverse. Plus, the combined anonymity and intimacy of this platform, allows people to engage with this topic further, where they perhaps don’t feel comfortable in real life, allowing more people to educate.”

Consumer prosperity and insurance is of the greatest need at Lovehoney and subsequently, Betty the Bee, Lovehoney’s own security symbol, will welcome guests at the front entryway with data on how they can report unseemly way of behaving and block any individual who is causing them to feel awkward. By tapping on the other individual’s symbol, clients can undoubtedly choose the block capability, and by squeezing the ‘E’ key on their consoles, they will be moved to an irregular region of the Lovehoney store. All buyers will likewise be asked their age after entering the experience to guarantee they are north of 18 years old.

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