Restaurants hoping to arrive at customers in the metaverse would do well to offer them fast and helpful off-premise choices as opposed to attempting to charm burger joints for on-premise experiences.

By the Numbers

According to information from the July release of PYMNTS’ Digital Divide study, “Digital Divide: The Move to the Metaverse,” made as a team with Paytronix, 48% of buyers who have taken part in the metaverse or who are exceptionally keen on doing so said they have relatively little opportunity to eat their dinners at cafés. Conversely, the review, which drew from a May study of approximately 2,700 United States purchasers, viewed that as just 30% of everybody said the same.

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The Data in Action

Across the business, cafés are looking for ways of entering the metaverse that could be the most gainful for their business.

In a meeting last month with PYMNTS, Geoff Alexander, CEO of Chicago-based Asian-style eatery brand Wow Bao, which has many virtual areas and a small bunch of physical stores, indicated impending news about the organization’s metaverse goals. He expressed cafés in the space will quite often abuse the medium.

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“There’s a great way to create community; there’s a great way to create loyalty; there’s a great way to create rewards; there’s a great way to create engagement,” he said, “and when we make our announcement for the metaverse, I think we’re going to be able to deliver on all of these different points.”

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