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Innovation is meaningfully altering the manner in which individuals live. The appearance of Web turned into an expression point concerning mechanical advancement. The Web 1.0 was sent off in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee and customers saw its advancement throughout the long term. The second era of Web, famously known as Web 2.0, was characterized by Dale Dougherty as the ‘read and compose web’ in 2004. Web 2.0 has likewise been known as the participative social Web. Web 2.0 alludes to the manner in which Web pages are planned and involved and there is no change in the specialized particular. Cooperation and coordinated effort with people are permitted by Web 2.0 in an online entertainment exchange as the maker of client created content in a virtual local area. The presentation of Web3.0 and decentralization at its center has changed the game.

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