LEUVEN, Belgium- – ()- – Swave Photonics, a trend-setter in Holographic eXtended Reality (HXR) innovation to rejuvenate the metaverse, today reported a €7 million seed round. The venture will be utilized to finance the commercialization of genuinely sensible, vivid 3D HXR gigapixel innovation for a large number of arising applications. The interest for eXtended Reality (XR) innovation that improves or replaces our perspective on the world is detonating with the quick rise of the metaverse, a 3D existence where members can cooperate with individuals, items and spots and different applications profiting from genuinely sensible 3D encounters. Swave Photonics is another side project of imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Taking part financial backers in the underlying seed round incorporate imec.xpand, a worth add investment reserve zeroed in on nanotechnology developments and Flanders Future Techfund (FFTF), a Belgian/Flemish public speculation store, are co-driving this seed round. QBIC, a Belgian between college investment store is likewise taking an interest.

Swave’s Holographic eXtended Reality (HXR) innovation is the Holy Grail of the metaverse, conveying similar, high-goal 3D pictures that are distinguishable with the unaided eye, without any trade offs. HXR innovation empowers 1000x better pixel goal with billions of small, thickly stuffed pixels to empower genuine reasonable 20/20 vision without expecting watchers to wear brilliant AR/VR headsets or remedy glasses. Swave’s HXR innovation projects similar holographic pictures that dispose of the present AR/VR/XR difficulties of central profundity and eye following, so watchers can without much of a stretch spotlight on neighboring and distant items. Above all, the HXR chips are fabricated utilizing standard CMOS innovation, which empowers practical scaling.

Utilizing progresses in photonics and holography in view of diffractive optics, Swave’s HXR gigapixel innovation targets metaverse stages, 360-degree holographic walls, 3D gaming, AR/VR/XR glasses, cooperative video conferencing, and front and center consoles for auto and aviation frameworks. Swave innovation can likewise drive holographic headsets that convey vivid 3D AR/VR/XR encounters with staggering high goal, ideal profundity of concentration and 180-degree to 360-degree seeing points, all without the migraines experienced by clients of traditional headsets. Applications controlled by HXR gigapixel innovation will be able to do finishing the visual Turing assessment in which augmented reality is essentially unclear from genuine pictures that people witness firsthand.

“Our vision is to help build the fundamental holographic technology to bring the metaverse to life and work,” said Theodore Marescaux, CEO and pioneer, Swave Photonics. “Swave’s HXR gigapixel technology will forever change the way we see and experience displayed still images, videos and live imaging. True, lifelike and immersive metaverse experiences powered by Swave technology are poised to replace every AR/VR display and headset to the point where virtual, augmented or eXtended reality is practically indistinguishable from the real world.”

Swave’s HXR gigapixel innovation will assume a critical part coming down the line for work by empowering individuals wherever to remotely participate in vivid video meetings while working. Swave plans to cooperate with driving AR/VR/XR and metaverse stages, so organizations can have a common, exact 3D experience of meeting around a gathering table.

“We are convinced that Swave can bring to the market a fundamental technology we have been developing for more than five years through substantial R&D programs and imec investments,” said Luc Van sanctum hove, president and CEO of imec. “Imec has a strong track record of innovation and productization that can scale across a wide range of applications. We are committed to make Swave a success and have great confidence that with their extensive patent portfolio and continued support of our teams and ecosystem, Swave can become one of the biggest disruptors for immersive 3D displays and a key accelerator for applications like the metaverse.”

“As a co-lead investor in this seed round, investing from our brand-new xpand-II fund, we are helping to build and grow a disruptive, deep-tech holographic company,” said Peter Vanbekbergen, an accomplice at imec.xpand. “We are convinced that Swave’s transformative gigapixel holographic technology can fuel the $93 billion AR/VR, metaverse market and will position Swave to enable an upgrade to today’s challenging AR/VR immersive experiences.”

“Swave is a fantastic addition to the growing high-tech community in Flanders, and will reinforce Flanders’s place on the global map of the tech industry,” said Jo Brouns, Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation. “We are proud to see that the newly established Flanders Future Technology Fund has been instrumental in preparing this seed round for a promising company like Swave, in close cooperation with early stage deep-tech investors. The mission of the FFTF is to accelerate the breakthrough technologies developed by our knowledge centers to the market, which is exactly what we are doing with this investment in Swave.”


Swave’s HXR computer chip items are mass-producible, savvy and dependable. Huge chip variants (2 cm x 2 cm) are intended for super very good quality holographic showcase applications, and minuscule 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm adaptations will target super light-weight wearable gadgets. Starting HXR chip tests are wanted to be accessible in 2023. Future variants of HXR chips will be improved for unexpected arising AR/VR/XR applications.

About Swave

Swave Photonics is a fabless semiconductor organization that plans and markets holographic chips in light of restrictive diffractive photonics innovation. Its main goal is to rejuvenate the metaverse and empower show producers and content makers to upset the representation market with vivid, super high-goal, similar, genuine holographic presentations. Swave imagines an existence where holographic showcases enable everybody to picture the unthinkable, team up and achieve more. www.swave.io

About Imec

Imec is a world-driving exploration and development focus in nanoelectronics and computerized advancements. Imec use its cutting edge R&D foundation and its group of in excess of 5,000 representatives and top analysts for R&D in cutting edge semiconductor and framework scaling, silicon photonics, man-made consciousness, past 5G correspondences and detecting advances, and in application spaces, for example, wellbeing and life sciences, portability, industry 4.0, agrofood, brilliant urban communities, supportable energy and schooling. Imec joins world industry pioneers across the semiconductor esteem chain, Flanders-based and global tech, pharma, clinical and ICT organizations, new businesses, and the scholarly community and information focuses. Imec is settled in Leuven (Belgium) and has research destinations across Belgium, in the Netherlands, and in the US, and workplaces in China, India, Taiwan and Japan. In 2021, Imec’s income (P&L) added up to 732 million euros.

Additional data on Imec can be found at www.imec-int.com.

Imec is an enrolled brand name for the exercises of imec International (IMEC International, a legitimate element set up under Belgian regulation as a “stichting van openbaar nut”), imec Belgium (IMEC vzw upheld by the Flemish Government), imec the Netherlands (Stichting IMEC Nederland), imec Taiwan (IMEC Taiwan Co.), imec China (IMEC Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.), imec India (IMEC India Private Limited), imec San Francisco (IMEC Inc.) and imec Florida (IMEC USA Nanoelectronics Design Center Inc.).

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