TIANJIN, China- – ()- – On August third, 2022, the 27th Anniversary festivity and worldwide fair of TIENS Group with the topic of “New TIENS, New Image, New Energy, New Future” was held ceremoniously at the TIENS Group that is settled in Tianjin, China. A huge number of TIENS accomplices from in excess of 100 nations and districts all over the planet praised this significant second on the web.

With the 27th Anniversary Celebration as the beginning stage in light of the current web-based computerized development, TIENS declared to open the future Metaverse environment, denoting another preface to new open doors and new advancements for TIENS. The fantastic occasion spins around the natural design of TIENS Metaverse to enable the full execution of key activities, for example, Global New Experience Stores, New Cross-line E-business, New Supply Chains, and New Retail. The large information accuracy showcasing innovation empowers the worldwide experience store to precisely find individuals encompassed, precisely arrive at the likely clients, and understand all over heading of traffic and extension of clients. The huge information and block-chain innovation engages every colleague to tweak his/her elite individual landing page and makes a novel virtual entertainment advancement framework. The virtual human IP made by TIENS will help the Group in live-transfer deal, item clarifications, video shooting, and continuous synchronous interpretation through virtual human innovation, making client care more customized, exact and shrewd.

At this meeting, TIENS sent off a one-year Global Video PK Competition to draw in worldwide web-based powerhouses to partake. There are four rounds of PK in the opposition, and each round goes on for a considerable length of time. The champs of each round can get item deals reward, yet in addition have opportunity to win an exceptional prize of up to 100,000 US dollars through rank contest, and fit the bill to join the TIENS “Supernova Program” preparing, to get a complete direction to construct a local area lattice, ace the exposure and advancement techniques that are straightforward, learn and copy, and get quick development and fortune.

The stupendous occasion set up three sections, to be specific “New TIENS New Hope,” “New TIENS New Life” and “New TIENS New Future.” The commonsense accomplishments of TIENS Group’s “One Body Multi-Wing” imaginative plan of action has been displayed through meta-stanza and computerized reasoning, on the web and disconnected support mix, augmented reality and new innovations. In the following three years, TIENS will zero in on the full execution and arriving of worldwide new experience stores, new cross-line web based business, new stock chains, new training and new retail. With the firm backing of the worldwide quality examination, customs, strategies, installment, charge arranging, legitimate, client support, activity and school systems that have painstakingly settled by TIENS throughout the course of recent years, we will make a future and mutual benefit participation with accomplices from everywhere the world. Through the blend of wellbeing experience administration projects and wellbeing food, Taijisun International Health Management Experience Store is a worldwide imaginative accomplishment of TIENS, with an inclusion of clinical consideration, magnificence and body molding. It has solid experiential and expressive qualities, and in this manner is growing dramatically at 32,000 experience stores all over the planet. JTMM New Global Cross-line E-trade Platform unites top notch items from everywhere the world. It has eight worldwide destinations in China, Europe, Eurasia, Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East. The Global Supply Chain System of TIENS Group, in light of in excess of 50 abroad stockrooms all over the planet, joined with operations networks deeply grounded in excess of 110 nations, will actually want to give a worldwide production network framework for additional accomplices all over the planet. The “Building Great Future with Great Partnership” preparing program for 10,000 KOLs centers around developing and building 10,000 remarkable KOLs based on new advances, new energy, and new enterprises. Building an “influencer incubation base” and initiating youthful gatherings won’t just assist with taking care of work and business venture issues, yet additionally support more endeavors to grow their deals channels and stretch out to the worldwide market.

Also, the gathering authoritatively sent off the Indonesia Tourism Plan in December 2022 and the Türkiye Travel Plan in August 2023. TIENS Group will have a fabulous series of occasions with in excess of 15,000 individuals in Indonesia in December 2022, and a progression of 28th commemoration festivities by facilitating in excess of 30,000 individuals in Türkiye in August 2023. Notwithstanding nearby accomplices, there will be in excess of 10,000 exceptional colleagues coming from more than 100 nations and areas all over the planet. Presently, TIENS is advancing the two significant occasions in the worldwide market, advancing neighborhood the travel industry, extraordinary items, monetary turn of events, and business collaboration and venture valuable open doors.

The 27th Anniversary Celebration and Global Carnival of TIENS Group has by and by empowered the sharing of TIENS Group’s worldwide endeavors across lines, dialects and societies. In the mean time, it likewise showed the world that TIENS has opened up another cycle and entered another stage in its turn of events! The commemoration festivity has effectively welcomed 100 dignitaries, social big names, Olympic bosses, sports stars, and wellbeing specialists on the worldwide stage to went to the gathering through video calls, including H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, H.E. Dr. Mulatu Teshome, Former President of Ethiopia, H.E. Mr. Wasim Sajjad, Former President and Chairman Senate of Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Jiri Paroubek, Former Prime Minister of Czech, H.E. Ms. Mariyana Nikolova, Deputy Prime Endlessly clergyman of Tourism of Bulgaria. These renowned figures have all communicated their appreciation for TIENS’ future improvement technique and stretched out great wishes to TIENS’ accomplices all over the planet. The meeting has drawn in the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse and large number of established press and writers from everywhere the world to report.

TIENS Group, established in 1995, has turned into a global combination with its business scope covering biotechnology, wellbeing the board, inn the travel industry, schooling and preparing, internet business, worldwide exchange and numerous different fields. TIENS Group has set up branches in 110 nations and districts, with its business arriving at north of 224 nations and serving 47 million consuming families around the world. TIENS Group has helped made huge number of occupations and business potential open doors all over the planet, and contributed enormously to work on the personal satisfaction and physical and emotional wellness of countless individuals.

Beginning from the 27th Anniversary Celebration, TIENS will continuously demand escalated development in the worldwide market, with amazing systems, imaginative models, and a global, expert and undeniable level ability group, to additionally advance different abroad organizations. Simultaneously, TIENS will go about as an extension to purchase worldwide and sell internationally. TIENS will be focused on sharing, co-reconciliation, mutual benefit, and normal turn of events, collaborating to make the worldwide business with a worldwide union, looking for a more extensive improvement space and making a more splendid future for advancement!

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