Justin Hochberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Brand Group, summarizes his organization’s main goal in one simple sentence, “We put you in the Metaverse.” Hochberg joined Christine Russo to make sense of how Virtual Brand Group bridles the force of web 3.0 for I.P. by making customer encounters to mingle, shop, make companions, and foster items in the virtual and actual world simultaneously.

Hochberg accepts that the term Metaverse ought not be inseparable from confounding. On the off chance that Hochberg gets everything he could possibly want, individuals could before long consider the Metaverse inseparable from an alternate word: opportunity.

“If you are a brand of any nature, from entertainment to sports, you now thought you had your business organized,” Hochberg said. “You were in E-comm, and you were in retail, and you did events at South by Southwest, and maybe you had a catalog, and you did social, and maybe if you were really advanced, you did live streaming. Today you wake up, and you’re like, wow, we thought we were an omnipresent brand, and all of a sudden, we are not because we are missing out on hundreds and hundreds of millions of consumers that are spending hundreds of hours a month on platforms like Roblox, Sandblox. Decentraland, etc.”

Virtual Brand Group brings organizations into this fresh out of the plastic new universe of the Metaverse. “We operate their businesses in the Metaverse,” Hochberg said. “We take all the operational risk by becoming a licensee of them and then building out their presence in first Roblox, or Sandbox. Then we operate a proprietary set of technology that allows us to create the assets once, and then spin them into any way we possibly can.”

One question remains whether the Metaverse will turn into an open or walled stage. Presently, maybe there is space for the two choices. “The Metaverse is a series of technologies that people are using to build various experiences with different economic models,” Hochberg said. However, while the open door entryway is open, brands ought to investigate those options.

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