As part of The Drum’s Sports Marketing Deep Dive, we investigate the open doors the metaverse offers sports brands, from Nikeland to WimbleWorld.

Web3 is high up the need list for business pioneers, with research by Wunderman Thomson showing that 85% of business pioneers view the metaverse as “essential to success”. Sports brands have been among the fastest out of the block with regards to sending off metaverse spaces and have taken full advantage of the internet business potential open doors made by web3. In any case, why have they been so fruitful, and could they at any point keep up with their shaft position as metaverse speculation increases?

Nike’s introduction to the metaverse was a proof point for brands. For somewhat little cost – the making of the Nikeland virtual world inside Roblox as the essential cost – the brand got critical consideration from crowds and press. The world exploited the Roblox stage to tempt clients in through its minigames, then, at that point, made the capacity to buy in-game Nike things a center part of its allure.

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