The International Space University has joined forces with Web3 organization Metavisionaries to convey an on location address in the metaverse.

Delivering a talk entitled ‘How the human body functions in the unique environment of space,’ as a feature of the college’s 34th release of its Space Studies Program (SSP), members were directed through active exercises in Técnico Superior Técnico, Portugal, where the occasion was held.

Donning VR headsets, the talk members each had their own avatars where they could stroll around the virtual auditorium and watch introductions in 3D, with live decorations participating in online.

Space researchers Tara Ruttley, Metavisionaries overseer of sciences and previous partner boss researcher at NASA, and James Green, ISU’s center co-seat and previous boss researcher at NASA drove the event.

“This is a historic moment for ISU,” said Arif Goktug Karacalioglu, SSP22 chief, supervisor, new expert improvement programs and computerized education.

“ISU is known for its in-person programs like the space studies program however we are now moving into virtual education at a very high pace. For the last two years we have been designing fully interactive and fully virtual programs but this is the first time we are taking it to another step.”

Metavisionaries CEO Wasim Ahmed trusts that Web3 and the metaverse are rethinking schooling, because of sped up digital transformation in the education sector during the pandemic.

He said that the association with ISU features the college as a forerunner in changing groundwork for the future of work.

“I really would like to thank Metavisionaries for allowing us to run this virtual event,” said Karacalioglu.

“Thank you Metavisionaries and the CEO Wasim Ahmed, thank you very, very much on behalf of ISU for giving us this great opportunity and also providing us all the virtual reality googles that we are using for this event.”

Metavisionaries and Ice Cubes are set to join the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University to send off a worldwide business manageability space challenge connected with the FIFA World Cup.

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