Metaverse startup Eikonikos raises $2 million pre-Seed cycle

Metaverse startup Eikonikos raises $2 million pre-Seed round

UAE-based metaverse startup Eikonikos has raised a $2 million pre-Seed round drove by private supporters.
Established by Mohamed Vasif, Eikonikos offers computer generated reality (VR) stages for preparing reenactments, specialized help, and vivid video talk.
The startup is presently during the time spent giving its own advanced resources as it gears up to send off in May 2022.

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Eikonikos, an open-world metaverse fire up, has brought $2 million up in pre-seed subsidizing by private backers. Eikonikos imagines to make an open metaverse stage that is possessed by Web3 adherents, designers, and a developing local area of players. Almost twelve financial backers, including block chain players, partook in the round.

The current pre-seed gathering pledges round would assist the organization with broadening its biological system, carrying more fans into the advanced realm.

Eikonikos was established fully intent on making a blissful and invigorating open metaverse. The metaverse has genuine guarantee. It very well may be utilized for preparing reproductions, specialized help, and vivid video visit. It could change instruction, gaming, and business. VR really enhances genuine encounters, all of that remains rationally and innovatively settled by Eikonikos.“We believe we are unique, and we have already begun to demonstrate that through our execution — the quality of our design, experience, platform design, and so on,” said Mohamed Vasif, Founder and CEO of Eikonikos.

The organization is presently during the time spent giving computerized resources for speculation as it gears up for business send off in May 2022, when its valuation will jump.

The declaration comes a day after Dubai Government presented new regulation for the digital resource area, joining other worldwide centers in bringing the beginning area under their administrative purview.

“We are very determined to create a platform that directly competes and rivals metaverse giants like Decentraland and Sandbox,” said Vineeth, CMO and prime supporter of Eikonikos. “We will be able to interact with other Metaverse economies in the future. Building a dedicated and crypto-native audience that likes our dope Non-Fungible Token (NFT) designs, intense gameplay.”

In expansion to presenting Virtual Assets Law, Dubai Government likewise reported the formation of another controller accountable for computerized resources. The recently shaped Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) will supervise the business in the entirety of emirate’s extraordinary turn of events and free zones, with the exception of the Dubai International Financial Center which has its own autonomous administrative and legal system.The project

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