Metaverse: You can’t stroll on this land or construct a house, however plots are as yet selling for huge number of pounds | Science and Tech News

With more demand for virtual properties, 'meta architects' are stepping forward to help design interactive digital spaces. Pic: Stavros Zachariades

Johnny McCamley has spent almost £5,000 on plots of land.

But he can’t genuinely stroll on this land – and he can’t reside there or fabricate a house on it.

That’s on the grounds that the 23-year-old’s speculation is in the metaverse, meaning his territory is totally virtual and exists exclusively inside an advanced world.

Mr McCamley, from Belfast, is one of many individuals who have chosen to purchase virtual property in the metaverse.

Last year, exchanges of virtual land came to $350m (£267m) in The Sandbox, the biggest stage for computerized property, as per a report by the Center for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

A further $110m (£84.2m) worth of exchanges were made in Decentraland, the second-biggest metaverse platform.

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