Mint Price Vs Floor Price Analysis!

Cyber Cosmos World NFT

With an aspiration to set an imprint in the Metaverse, Cyber Cosmos World NFT is almost there advance ladies’ strengthening. This astounding assortment of 10000 symbols addresses digital champions addressing the ladies in the tech business. The Cyber Cosmos World NFT depends on the Ethereum blockchain and has organized every one of the Cyber Warriors randomly.

The fellow benefactor’s previous story shows the confidence Cyber Cosmos World NFT can make in the Metaverse. With this article, how about we check Cyber Cosmos World NFT extraordinariness, mint cost, day for kickoff, and other information.

Cyber Cosmos World NFTs Overview

Volume Traded

1.7 ETH Opensea

Digital Cosmos World NFT Launch Date

31st March 2022

Digital Cosmos World NFT Floor Price

 To be determined

Complete Items

10000 (as of now just Mojo Collection is available) 

(as of eighteenth March 2022)

Cyber Cosmos World NFTs: Everything You Need To Know About

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