Nate Diaz pummels ‘sorry a** UFC’ for showcasing NFT’s of him and his sibling on 4/20

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Nate Diaz loves the UFC selling NFT’s including him and his sibling Nick, and advertising it to allies of weed Culture.

nft’s, or non-fungible tokens, have turned into the fury over the most recent few years. Large numbers of the world’s greatest games brands have engaged in this most recent income source, including the UFC. In January, the association sent off its “Strike” brand with Dapper Labs and bounced carelessly into this new market to sell advanced duplicates of notable minutes and features for $50.

The advancement has another Strike pack that includes the famous enclosure battling siblings Nate and Nick Diaz. The kin from Stockton, California have had a plenty of essential minutes all through their professions, and their army of allies makes certain to top off advanced lines to hang tight for their opportunity to possess a NFT of the duo.

Nate Diaz mourns as yet being under agreement to the UFC

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