New ‘CBS Mornings’ Series Will Probe Life in Metaverse

New 'CBS Mornings' Series Will Probe Life in Metaverse

Tony Dokoupil has as of late ventured out to Medyka in Poland, Miami and Minneapolis, as well. Throughout the span of a vocation in news coverage, he has visited every one of the 50 states in the U.S. All things being equal, he will venture onto new landscape when he dispatches another series on Thursday on “CBS Mornings.”

As part of “Mornings in the Metaverse,” set to air weekly,  Dokoupil will take watchers of the CBS News program into the augmented simulation domain that specialists are anticipating will gobble up a greater amount of our general transfer speed in long stretches of time to come. In actuality, the anchor could utilize an amplifier to talk with passers-by, all with a camera group around. Whenever he utilized a Meta headset to visit an augmented experience scene as of late, Dokoupil carried makers with him, who utilized their view with their own headsets as artificial cameras to catch the discussions he had with other users.

The interviews “made me very convinced that this is the next big thing,” says Dokoupil, in a more customary meeting directed by means of Zoom. “What was incredible was how quickly my brain stopped thinking about this as virtual reality and just took it as reality. It was just real.”

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