New NFT crusade, yet is it the standard, worn out Loopring again

Last year, Loopring stood out as truly newsworthy for its unexpected meeting on the cost diagrams. While that was once viewed as the start of a supported climb, the altcoin before long succumbed to the predominant market bearishness. 

Even today, after five months, Loopring is as yet endeavoring to resuscitate that meeting. But, it is tragically falling flat at it.

Loopring caught in a negative loop

In request to acquire the premium of more seasoned financial backers or draw in new ones, Loopring is making an honest effort by trying each methodology out. The most recent in the blend is a NFT challenge campaign. 

The challenge, which started last week, empowers stores into the L2 for a chance to get a Loophead NFT. In its declaration, Loopring stated,

“Users who make an ETH, LRC, USDC, USDT, ENS, or UNI deposit onto Loopring L2 will have a chance to win a Loophead NFT.”

As worthwhile as it might sound, the challenge ended up being a failure. The disappointing reaction from financial backers failed to help the altcoin. 

Down by 65% in 2 months, the organization acquired nothing out of it as exchange quantities of new financial backers have all stayed unaltered. Moreover, the every day exchanges on-chain have dropped from over 4.32k in December to only 754 this week. 

, 2022-03-08 19:31:14

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