NFT News: DraftKings Marketplace Trends for the Week of April 4 to April 8

NFT News: DraftKings Marketplace Trends for the Week of April 4 to April 8

DraftKings official NFTs dropped last month in accordance with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament called “Tourney Toons,” and the auxiliary market was ablaze, with an increment of 28% in exchanges and a 61% expansion in cost on the seven-day moving normal for the whole month of March. Tracing all the way back to Jan. 1, exchanges expanded 69%, and the cost is up 34% on the seven-day moving midpoints to finish off the quarter.

The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club started off the significant season on the PGA TOUR this week, and Tiger Woods is contending in his first competition simply eighteen months after his fierce auto collision. As indicated by the Chinese Zodiac schedule, 2022 is the extended period of the Tiger. How fitting. Signature permits holders with a Preseason Access Pass first admittance to the Tiger Woods’ Mystery Container to celebrate his return. Additionally, DraftKings just dropped the 2022 Augusta, GA Golf Collection, which is one of numerous authority NFT assortments made by DraftKings as a component of our new program – the DraftKings Primetime NFT Series. This assortment was made to remember the primary significant golf competition of 2022 and will highlight a few collectible drops.

If you’ve been following games related NFTs, you might believe it’s the time of the GOAT rather than the Tiger. Signature as of late dropped Tom Brady’s Greatest of All Time from the Man in The Arena Collection. Here is a rundown of the main 10 deals on DraftKings Marketplace, which include two athletes:

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