OTOKO is a NFT assortment containing 10,000 generative cyborg NFTs. The NFT highlights the huge multiverse of characters with uncommon components connected to them. The undertaking will send off 10,000 NFTs by Dutch sale. This dropping sale makes some beginning memories of Aug sixth 10 am ET at the cost of 1.0 Ξ and will diminish at regular intervals to 0.1 Ξ.

100 years after the fact, the Ice Age out of nowhere shows up and undermines mankind’s endurance. A bunch of strange quantum signal is shipped off government on the planet. The interpreted message shows a diagram of an environment regulator, and each part has a multiverse coordinate joined to it. To get every one of the parts of the environment regulator, researchers on earth fabricate a sort of cyborg named Otoko and send them determined to make a trip across multiverses to battle for the destiny of humanity.

Each Otoko NFT will act as a unique pass to Otoko Metaverse in the following stage. To fabricate environment regulators, Otokos need to gather the outlines of parts and they can likewise create their stuff and relics by overhauling modules to improve the probability of gathering uncommon blueprints.

Follow the venture on Twitter https://twitter.com/otokonft
Official site: https://otoko.io/

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