In ongoing years, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been painted as the following boondocks in the craftsmanship world, with pieces selling for millions and NFT workmanship detonating in prevalence. The idea has been stirring up the workmanship business, and with such countless individuals scrambling to get their (figurative) hands on the advanced records, craftsmen are conceptualizing better approaches to enter the computerized market. However, this market offers up far beyond the Apes you might have seen — it’s given another domain of chance for the majority spearheading specialists. As the customary craftsmanship world is tragically not generally a comprehensive spot (for instance, somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2018, the complete consolidated closeout worth of work by African American artists only represented 1.2 percent of the global total), another outskirts is a welcome spot of opportunities for anticipated specialists, particularly those from bunches that are persistently underrepresented.

As a piece of their Artist Spotlight Series, e.l.f Cosmetics has cooperated with four skilled Black NFT specialists, Alana Simone (@TheBlackGirlNFT), Vanessa (@NessyFTee), Audrey Udemba (@ArtbyAudrey444), and Philip Kaiten (@vacuART) to feature their work across the brand’s social channels and offer their accounts as well as their specialty. You can look at the #elfartistspotlight on Instagram for acquaintances with the specialists, including brief meetings. Yet, these are only a couple of names you’ll need to keep an eye out for here. Peruse on to look at these craftsmen and more imaginative Black makers, whether you’re hoping to buy NFTs or basically getting familiar with them.


Alana Simone is the visual creator, artist, and fine craftsman behind The Black Girl NFT Collection, which is “2500 hand-drawn artworks in the image of Black women with a various amount of traits.” Her work is accessible on OpenSea.


Vanessa is a Nova Scotia-based craftsman behind the brand MxSe, delivering weekly NFT doodles from the workmanship vehicle of acrylic and computerized. Nessy’s most recent assortment “Muse” portrays Black insight and expressionism. Every individual piece utilizes shape, development, and intentional deconstruction of highlights to project the changing idea and innovativeness of the mind.


Audrey Udemba a.k.a. “Audrey the Artist” is a Georgia-based craftsman who makes conventional compositions as well as computerized work. Their ethereal NFTs are produced using oil and acrylic paintings.

Philip Kaiten is a 22-year-old self-trained computerized craftsman from Brooklyn, who has been making workmanship carefully since he was 11 years of age. His specialty frequently centers around adapted pictures, which you could have commissioned.


Sophia Wilson is a New York-based photographic artist who created the first-ever NFT post on the Instagram app. Sophia has recently gone for Guess, Opening Ceremony, Fenty, Juicy Couture, Pepsi, Depop, Swarovski, and more.


Lana Denina Cohen is a multidisciplinary visual craftsman situated in Montreal. Consolidating advanced workmanship and painting, her specialty investigates human connections, morphological variety, and body developments. An enthusiast of brilliant varieties, she endeavors to feature countenances and stories seldom told.


Aurélia Durand is an artist praising her Afro-relatives through glad and engaged colors. She as of late sent off her first NFTs collection with The Black Arts Project, a curated NFT project that celebrates and upholds Black creativity.


Gossamer Rozen is a fine craftsman and tattooer in New York. Gossamer is the lead craftsman and workmanship head of Woodies NFT and the maker of Mrammou NFT and Tigerbob. Gossamer makes craftsmanship to figure out their personality and interface with the world around them.


@TheBlackArtist is a visual craftsman and model with a number of NFT collections. Their “Real life x” assortment is a documentation of their own encounters and battles initially delivered with pencils and ink.

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