The “Mary” update — applied to the Cardano mainnet on March 1 — presented multi-resource support, which empowered the stamping of NFTs. From that point forward, the pace of development of Cardano’s NFT environment has shocked even IOG Founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson.

On 18 February 2021, Input Output Global (otherwise known as “IOG”), the organization liable for Cardano’s innovative work, distributed a blog post named “Building native tokens on Cardano for pleasure and profit”, which announced:

“With the ‘Mary’ convention overhaul, which will be executed utilizing our hard fork combinator innovation, local tokens and multi-resource capacity are coming to Cardano.”

IOG’s blog entry happened to say:

“Native tokens will bring multi-resource backing to Cardano, permitting clients to make exceptionally characterized (custom) tokens and complete exchanges with them straightforwardly on the Cardano blockchain…

“The utilization of tokens for monetary tasks is turning out to be perpetually famous. It can reduce expenses simultaneously as further developing straightforwardness, upgrading liquidity, and, obviously, being free of unified substances like huge banks. Tokenization is the most common way of addressing genuine resources (eg, government issued types of money, stocks, valuable metals, and property) in a computerized structure, which can be utilized to make monetary instruments for business activities.

“Cardano will give many tokenization options. With the ‘Mary’ redesign, the record’s bookkeeping foundation will handle ada exchanges as well as exchanges that at the same time convey a few resource types. Local help awards unmistakable benefits for designers as there is compelling reason need to make shrewd agreements to deal with custom symbolic creation or exchanges. This implies that the bookkeeping record will follow the possession and move of resources all things being equal, eliminating additional intricacy and potential for manual mistakes, while guaranteeing huge expense efficiency.”

Then, on 1 March 2021, IOG tweeted that the “Mary” had fork had occurred on the Cardano mainnet:

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