BARCELONA, Spain (AP)Barcelona has sold a computerized craftsmanship piece portraying a famous objective by Johan Cruyff for $693,000 as it looks for new incomes to fight right out of huge obligation, the Spanish club said.

Barcelona said that the closeout show to Sotheby’s in New York for the club’s most memorable NFT, or non-fungible token, shut at $550,000 on Friday. The barker’s charges expanded the last deal cost to $693,000.

The workmanship piece portrays Cruyff’s vital objective from 1973 when the Netherlands incredible took off through the air with his leg outstretched to score. In the picture, Cruyff has all the earmarks of being dunked in gold. The NFT is designated “As it were, Immortal,” enlivened by a statement by Cruyff, who made some meaningful difference as both a player and mentor at Barcelona.

Barcelona has been looking for new types of income as it battles to settle 1 billion euros ($1 billion) of obligation. That has included offering Camp Nou’s naming privileges to the Spotify sound web-based feature and as of late auctioning off 25% of its Spanish association TV freedoms for 25 years.

An NFT is an exceptional computerized picture that can’t be replicated. There is a flourishing business sector for gatherers and specialists keen on this type of computerized art.

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