Bitso, the main cryptographic money stage in Latin America with in excess of 5 million clients, and the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) sent off the principal collectible NFT of the Mexico National Team’s pullovers that was gained in digital currencies.

Toward the beginning of today through their virtual entertainment stages, the FMF and Bitso reported the chance to get the new authority National Team fan pullovers in front of the group’s cooperation in the 2022 World Cup. In only 20 minutes, the whole assortment sold out. The assortment comprised of 100 authority actual shirts, each with a relating NFT variant of the pullover that fans’ symbols can wear inside the Decentraland metaverse. Each physical and NFT pullover set sold for what could be compared to $1,800 MXN in ethers.

“Our mission is to make cryptocurrency useful in the everyday life of Mexicans; we are committed to spreading the technology through innovative opportunities that help people throughout the country familiarize themselves with this new world,” said Bárbara González Briseño, General Director of Bitso México. “We are exceptionally eager to offer the unimaginable, notable chance for the fanatics of our National Team so that through their Bitso account, they can wear the shades of the National Team on and ‘off’ the field in the metaverse.”

The NFTs of the shirts have a select plan for the metaverse – each is special on the blockchain and can be exchanged by its proprietor in ensuing exchanges. The virtual shirt was made by Bitso with the authority shades of Mexico and the new National Team safeguard, qualities that will make it stand apart when clients wear it in the virtual universe of Decentraland.

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