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The Long Read

A milestone administering could reverse the situation against trademark hijackers in China.

Monday 11 July

Continuing a long-running debate, street artist Banksy faces welcoming card retailer Full Color Black in two Australian oppositions.

The EUIPO affirms its way to deal with NFT-related applications in the midst of a spike in filings.


Tuesday 12 July

The IP Office of the Philippines plans ahead, Madrid fees are adjusted in different locales, the Buy Safe America Coalition gives another admonition, and much more.

The UK government frames intends to work on the nation’s design system, following a new call for feedback.


Wednesday 13 July

The China Quality Brands Protection Committee’s top 10 cases feature new strategies for computing harms and pay, and expanded collaboration among specialists and businesses.

After NBCUniversal challenges a US brand name for DUNDER MIFFLIN, the candidate hits back at what he calls “puffed-up claims”.


Thursday 14 July

Experts at Corrs Chambers Westgarth survey the reputational dangers of brand jamming.

Unauthorised brand use on OpenSea remains widespread as more NFT commercial centers send off, a WTR examination finds.


Friday 15 July

We go in the background at space name recorder EnCirca, to find out about its new tool to follow brand names in elective area roots.

Gleiss Lutz heads to the metaverse, the UK Intellectual Property Office reports an interim head, a Love Island fake correspond becomes a web sensation, and much more.

IP Australia posts new information on what the public authority’s authorizations against Russia and Belarus could mean for brand name proprietors.


Saturday 16 July

A developing interest for maintainable items could flag the end of fast fashion, yet marks should proceed cautiously as they adjust, contends the current week’s opinion.

WTR Special Report: an information profound jump into the brand name landscape

WTR’s latest Special Report presents an information profound plunge into the brand name scene – uncovering the greatest portfolio proprietors, knowledge from our yearly benchmarking review and US case patterns.

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