Incredible American entertainer and comic Bill Murray is sending off another Ethereum-based NFT project this month that will include intensely on stories from his life and about his life.

According to an interview by Decrypt with Murray’s child Jackson, the renowned entertainer is hoping to share a considerable lot of the narratives from his diversion profession as a NFT project. The report guarantees the undertaking, named “The Bill Murray 1,000”, is being sent off as a cooperation between the site “The Chive” and blockchain startup Project Venkman.

The undertaking will propose 1,000 NFT collectibles in view of 100 stories from Murray’s profession, including his motion pictures and Saturday Night Live vocation. The report asserts each NFT will be founded on a unique artwork of Murray by craftsman David Grizzle with remarkable foundations. Each piece will likewise recount Murray, through text and symbolism.

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