NEW YORK- – ()- – Susan Miller, trailblazer of the Internet, organizer behind, distributer, and writer of 14 top rated soothsaying books, today reports her introduction to Web3 by means of NFTs. Susan, as a team with prestigious style artist Izak Zenou, will send off “Susan Miller Stars,” a 12,000 piece NFT assortment, comprising of 1,000 craftsmanship plans addressing every zodiac sign.

The assortment, conveyed on the carbon-nonpartisan Polygon organization, opened up to the general population for buy on August 1 at As a piece of the obligation to buying a NFT, purchasers will get restrictive admittance to Susan’s new soothsaying Discord channel to interface all the more intimately with her and get admittance to extraordinary occasions, pools and that’s just the beginning.

Continuously at the bleeding edge of mechanical development, Susan accepts crystal gazing is moving into another time, which expects ground breaking ways of keeping on building a local area and remaining associated. Susan is regarding the craftsmanship as a device to all the more likely contact her crowd – the NFTs will go about as a pass to get to utilities and will help more individuals by giving them certainty and understanding into their lives.

“Finding new and interesting ways to get close to my readers and at the same time delight and surprise them has always been my goal,” said Susan Miller. “Innovation has always driven communication, from the printing press to radio and TV. The Internet and Web3 now allow us to engage and respond like never before. This is a huge leap for our civilization and I want to be at the center of this exciting revolution.”

“Susan Miller Stars” was created and delivered by CYNOSUR3, a Web3 organization devoted to carrying brands into the computerized possession insurgency. Fans will actually want to buy NFTs from the assortment straightforwardly through a modified virtual wallet controlled by Moonwalk, dispensing with the requirement for muddled crypto logins or enlistment in outsider commercial centers.

“Due to the tremendous respect I have for everything Susan has accomplished, I actively sought after forming a partnership with her. I have been astounded by Susan and her attention to every single detail,” said David B. Weinstein, Founder, CYNOSUR3. “To help bring this project to life, CYNOSUR3 turned to Moonwalk for their industry-leading technology and Polygon as the premier decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. I look forward to CYNOSUR3 bringing the Astrology Zone readers into Web3.”

Susan is a licensed celestial prophet and customary contributing proofreader for four global design magazines in Vogue Japan, Vogue China, W South Korea, and Amicia Italy as well as US-based magazines Instyle and Elle. Susan’s crystal gazing applications, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller,” and “Moonlight: Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller,” are accessible for the two iOS and Android clients. “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller,” got first award for convincing substance from the Media Excellence Awards and was the Honoree grant for three sequential years by the Webby Awards. “Moonlight: Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller,” was presented in June 2022 and reports numerous fleeting realities, most significant being the exact time the moon begins to become drained obviously — and when that period stops — so perusers will know when to time their most fundamental commencements for progress and when to avoid regardless of where they reside or turn out to travel.

Anticipating the development of her Web3 people group, Susan shares,

“Susan Miller Stars’ will create a warm, safe, and fun place for my readers to gather. Sharing our thoughts in the Discord channel will promote connectivity and instill a sense of global community. I hope to offer creative ideas and insights to solve reader dilemmas and also to point out emerging opportunities for each sign that my readers may not be aware are on the way.”

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About Susan Miller

Susan Miller is a trailblazer of the Internet, a finance manager, distributer, and writer of 14 top of the line crystal gazing books. An authorize crystal gazer, she established in 1995 where she composes complete month to month figures. Susan is a normal, month to month contributing proofreader to four global design magazines in Vogue Japan, Vogue China, W South Korea, and Amica Italy and was a contributing supervisor first for Instyle and later for Elle in the US. Susan has teamed up with eminent brands remembering Louis Vuitton for 2021 to plan a custom nearby planet group show for the brand’s namesake pioneer’s 200th birthday celebration and Bloomingdale’s in 2020 to plan a spring up Astrology Zone® shop in the extravagance retail chain’s leader New York City store. Susan’s applications, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller,” and “Moonlight: Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller,” report many telling fleeting realities, are easy to understand on the two iOS and Android, and have won a few honors for convincing substance.

About Cynosur3

CYNOSUR3 is a store Web3 office that assists driving substance makers and brands with shaping more tight bonds with their most diehard followers by inclining toward the computerized proprietorship transformation. Web3 advances like NFTs re-adjust motivating forces so local area pioneers can differentiate their crowd away from web2 social stages and customers get better encounters. CYNOSUR3 is chain freethinker and offers turn-key answers for local area pioneers with insignificant effect on current activities. Pioneer David B Weinstein has 10 years of involvement as a product prime supporter and leader. The organization was likewise helped to establish by Josh Victor Rothstein and Blake Swerdloff. For more data, visit

About Moonwalk

Moonwalk is the main no-code NFT and Web3 stage for brands, makers and networks. Moonwalk’s foundation is the simplest method for empowering brands, makers, and networks to make their own marked Web3 economies. The Moonwalk stage drives commitment and income by interconnecting NFTs, social tokens and utility across a brand’s computerized biological system, from social to content and shopping. Moonwalk’s center contribution revolves around marked Web3 wallets that empower clients to connect with brands, buy and open NFTs, and acquire and utilize social tokens all through the brand’s environment. It additionally works with the creation and stamping of NFT assortments that empower networks to frame and open substance, access, and worth. Moonwalk works with notorious brands in sports, music, media, and gaming. For more data, visit

About Polygon

Polygon is the main blockchain improvement stage, offering adaptable, reasonable, secure and supportable blockchains for Web3. Its developing set-up of items offers engineers simple admittance to significant scaling arrangements including L2 (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, mixture, independent and venture chains, and information accessibility. Polygon’s scaling arrangements have seen far and wide reception with 19,000+ decentralized applications facilitated, 1.6B+ absolute exchanges handled, 142M+ extraordinary client addresses, and $5B+ in resources got. Polygon is carbon unbiased determined to lead the Web3 biological system in becoming carbon negative.

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