David Bowie’s property is launching a brand new NFT collection, “Bowie on the Blockchain,” that sees 9 totally different artists pay homage to the late icon.

The NFT challenge was spearheaded by Bowie’s property, the web3 enterprise, We Love the Arts, and the NFT market OpenSea. The sale will launch on September 13 with all the income being donated to CARE, a nonprofit for which Bowie’s widow, Iman, serves as a worldwide advocate.

Andrew Keller, co-founder of We Love the Arts, credit the musician’s property for reaching out to get the challenge underway.

“The more you think about what the crypto art space really is, the more you realize how ahead of his time Bowie was with some of the ways that he engaged with his fans—be it BowieArt, BowieWorld, Bowie Bonds, BowieNet,” Keller advised Rolling Stone. “He also made digital art himself, and so what excited me so much was the idea of making people aware of all of these things they probably don’t think about or know about when they think about Bowie, and to me, it really became about solidifying his legacy on the blockchain, and creating beautiful, meaningful art. Having our ‘why?’ was so important, and really guided every piece of this process.”

Keller additionally mentioned Bowie’s personal tastes in artwork have been a driving drive behind choosing the artists for the challenge. Keller and his accomplice, movie producer Joaquin Acrich, additionally stipulated that the artists wanted to have “some sort of a personal connection, which given we are talking about David Bowie isn’t really that hard.” In the end they landed on Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, Fewocious, Jake, Defacd, Osinachi, Younger and Slick, Lirona, Glam Beckett, and Jonathan Wolfe.

The artists got particular entry to artifacts from Bowie’s property to incorporate of their items. “The archive is just amazing and so wildly comprehensive that we were able to provide upon request everything from paintings Bowie made to handwritten notes, stage or costume design sketches for the artists to incorporate as part of their palates,” Keller mentioned. “Some just used it for inspiration, and some actually put digitized versions of the pieces from the archives into their work.”

He continued, “JAKE worked with one of Bowie’s pieces of art from his D-head series. Lirona took Bowie’s autograph and handwriting samples we gave her of writing out the name of her favorite album and turned it into this almost luminescent body art for her signature #BOI character.  Then there’s the Fewocious piece, a 1 of 1 NFT that will be on auction, and the buyer will also be getting an incredible, massive, sculpture Fewocious has made that is actually wearing one of Bowie’s suits from the archives.”

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