Zest and Ken set up a gathering with Soleia to see what data she had that could prove to be useful, however they discovered that she couldn’t recall that anything from the time being referred to. Flavor and not set in stone to not surrender and took Soleia to see Intoxicating the Average, a Gene Editor, with the expectation that she could assist with reestablishing the recollections that Soleia had lost.

They taken in a Memory Dam had been embedded in Soleia to obstruct her recollections, and they attempted to disintegrate the dam to get a little piece of her recollections back. The methodology was a triumph, and Soleia was secured in a virus spot and that the Hubur Key (one of Asherah’s 7 key relics) was expected to get her in and out. They understood that ShaDAO probably taken Ken to a similar spot, and that they would require the Hubur Key to protect him. Fortunately, Soleia recalled precisely who held the multi-sig wallet that contained it. In any case, they would need to execute a troublesome composed d-mezz of each of them 3 simultaneously to consume the multi-sig wallet and drop the unburnable relic.

With the information that Soleia gave – that the 3 ShaDAO individuals are Stanton, Luther Radioactive, and Fay from Acidic – questers went to The Moderator for help. The Moderator had the option to furnish questers with some data about the ShaDAO individuals, yet it really depended on the questers to decide in what request to do the assaults for each. In the wake of finding the areas of their objectives, questers participated in a designated promotion mission to complete the assault by tricking the objectives to every area by block 7200. This prompted the fruitful case of the Hubur Key by Soleia.

Quest Puzzle Solutions

Quest #4 presented The Moderator as an intelligent person in Discord as players attempted to find what it would take to save Ken.

During the Quest, members did the following:

Followed the breadcrumbs left in the ShaDAO records The Moderator gave, which drove them to Exploit from Rosey in Discord. Exploit from Rosey then gave questers another job and admittance to the DarkNet channel.

Questers assisted The Moderator with decoding a profile ShaDAO had on a CyberBroker named Soleia.

Questers discovered that to safeguard Ken they required the Hubur Key, which is held by ShaDAO specialists in a 3 man multi-sig wallet.

Players split into groups of Mind, Body, and Soul to settle a riddle, find famous areas that each target regularly visits, and send designated promotions out on Twitter with an end goal to bait the objectives to their areas preceding the planned assault at block 7200.

Puzzle Walkthrough

Finding The Moderator
Questers started by getting a message from Spice contemplating whether a breadcrumb trail was passed on by The Moderator on the most proficient method to track down them, as they might be the one in particular who can assist with finding Ken.

Then, questers investigated the 5 ShaDAO records recently revealed in Quest #3:

Questers found an extraordinary string tracked down inside the watchwords of the meta-information of the reports. There were 5 strings absolute to be found – each recorded below.


These 5 strings were the 5 parts of a Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme that was utilized to divide mysteries among many individuals (such is wallet seeds) and was recombined here: https://iancoleman.io/shamir/

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