The charm of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is declining to fade away. In spite of the fact that cryptocurrencies have lost huge worth in 2022, new NFT dispatches have kept lovers busy.

A not many of the new NFT assortments have a place with large names like entertainer Bill Murray and vocalist Madonna. Nickelodeon NFTs were likewise delivered last month, and resources connected to renowned adornments brand Tiffany’s are additionally on the block now. Be that as it may, let us today investigate two assortments connected to somewhat less famous and completely new brands.

The names are LuluLand and Alien Secret Society. Let us explore.

LuluLand World NFTs

LuluLand is a computerized city that exists in the more extensive metaverse of The Sandbox. It charges itself as an “advertising solution” in Web 3.0, other than being a vivid space with games, virtual land, and computerized resources. LuluLand started stamping its “Genesis” premium passes in May this year. The pass holders could dominate computerized in-match things like “Lulusword”.

Last week, LuluLand additionally held an AMA (Ask Me Anything), which had giveaways like LuluLand’s town house NFTs. It is prominent that an apparently discrete arrangement of NFTs, which ought not be mistaken for LuluLand, is accessible on Binance’s NFT stage. It is named Lulu Market Limited Land, and it gives land NFTs of Lulu Market.

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