With AI text-to-image mills now rolling out for public use, a flood of individuals will inevitably start creating NFTs from this easy-to-use inventive medium to attempt to cash-grab some “easy money,” which can make minting AI artwork NFTs not well worth the effort. However, in fact, this additionally will depend on the artist’s cause for doing so and might be influenced by their branding and the market’s angle towards AI-generated artwork NFTs.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been used for tokenizing artwork items for just a few years now, and with some collections value hundreds of thousands, it’s straightforward to grasp why the NFT bubble grew so big in 2021-2022. Nonetheless, with NFT prices crashing and use cases turning into extra essential than speculative hype, it’s not almost as straightforward to make cash minting or flipping NFTs because it was in the course of the NFT bubble, and the market is now completely saturated with low-quality work.

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