The slogan for NFT project World of Women’s consolidated Pride party and Madonna show last week was “Finally Enough Love,” the title of her new remix collection. For my purposes, it should have been “Finally COVID.”

After almost over two years of effectively staying away from the infection, I popped hot on Sunday night, roughly 72 hours subsequent to going to the jam-packed occasion at Manhattan’s Terminal Five. Directly across the Triboro Bridge in Astoria, my sibling, my in addition to one to the occasion, likewise tried positive for the primary time.

It could have been worth the effort for an all out Madonna show, yet it ended up being to a greater degree a Madonna-and-companions assortment show.

The evening was emceed by Bob the Drag Queen with a score of other impressively dressed co-entertainers, lip-synchronizing and moving to “Vogue” and “Bitch I’m Madonna.” For the majority of this activity, the genuine Madonna remained tantalizingly out of view.

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