***This text initially appeared within the Sept./Oct. ’22 subject of Animation Journal (No. 323)***

Expertise and animation have at all times been joined on the hip. Movie made animation doable, tv unfold it to each nook of the globe and computer systems took it to new ranges of creativity.

So it needs to be no shock that animation is a hotbed of experimentation for brand new applied sciences reminiscent of Non-Fungible Tokens, higher referred to as NFTs, that are a part of the following era of web know-how known as Web3. Each Web3 and NFTs have struggled for broad understanding and acceptance — a aim hindered by the dangers concerned in investing in NFTs and frequent scams involving the know-how.

However that hasn’t stopped animation from experimenting with the brand new tech. To this point, the experiments have had much less impact on the precise manufacturing of animation, however because the trio of accounts beneath present, have already been proven to have great affect in bringing in new voices, constructing fan-based communities and connecting creators and followers in new methods.

One of the high-profile tasks is Dan Harmon’s new animated sequence Krapopolis which is about to debut on FOX TV subsequent 12 months, however Web3 know-how has already given it a head begin on constructing a group and an viewers.

Krapopolis is about in historic Greece and is about mortals attempting to construct from scratch humanity’s first metropolis. “They’re trying to figure out all the things that are obvious to us that are not yet obvious to the people on the first civilization,” says Matt Bilfield, challenge lead for Krapopolis at FOX’s Blockchain Artistic Labs. “What’s cool about the Web3 component that we’re building in is it’s kind of our version of going through that same process of teaching people how this new technology can impact the growth and the building of a community and fandom of a show.”

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