The Care Bears have entered Web3.

So has Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks extravaganza.

The Care Bears Forever line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) “will build an active and inclusive community that encourages members to band together and discover Web3 through the lens of Care Bears,” the colorful stars of the ’80s Saturday morning animation series announced on Thursday (July 7).

By that, the organization implied it has sent off a NFT assortment. In particular, it is dropping 10,000 NFTs highlighting 10 of its unique characters, as Funshine Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear.

Macy’s reported last month that “Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, the nation’s largest party, will take the revelry to the Web3 frontier.”

It was doing this by sending off “a new series of free NFTs celebrating the brand’s iconic pyrotechnic event.”

Are you beginning to detect a pattern?

What Else Is There?

There is some genuine innovation and philosophy behind Web3, which is pitched as another web based on a blockchain spine that is uncensorable, planned around protection and liberated from the grasp of the tech goliaths that control the web now.

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But having a Web3 methodology is likewise beginning to be as de rigueur in showcasing circles as a metaverse presence, and brands are beginning to get on board with both temporary fads by bouncing on board the final remaining one: NFTs, which have fallen on positively hard times.

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As Web3 moves from an unrealistic fantasy of security centered blockchain engineers into a development that tech and money monsters guarantee will reshape the manner in which we peruse, mingle and shop — in the vivid universe of the metaverse — it’s additionally turning into a trendy expression that corporate advertisers are snatching with both hands.

And the most straightforward method for getting a piece of that buzz is to create a NFT assortment with cute, fluffy, collectable symbols or eye-extending clasps of firecrackers wowing a crowd.

Care Bears NFTs are explicitly intended to be “PFPs,” or profile pictures.

That might be the reason Tesla CEO and Web3 doubter Elon Musk said on Twitter that Web3 “seems more marketing buzzword than reality.”

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