While the coldest crypto winter brought down all areas of crypto, NFTs and blockchain gaming ventures remain bullish. NFT exchanging volumes expanded by 23%, while the blockchain gaming industry pulled in record investments.

The all out market cap fell by 34% since the Terra disaster, which pushed the market into a colder time of year. From that point forward, all areas of crypto struggle. Indeed, even the most conspicuous crypto organizations have been laying off up to 25% of their staff. Crypto exchanges, mining organizations, and, surprisingly, the supportive of crypto regulations stopped in the midst of the bear market. Inconveniences of driving crypto organizations like Celsius, 3 Arrows Capital, and BlockFi further delivered dread and sped up the negative sentiment.


Even however the NFTs additionally endured a shot from the bear market fueled by the Terra breakdown, they are still bullish.

Overall deals counts have expanded by 59% since the second quarter of 2021. This increment looks irrelevant contrasted with the exchanging volumes, which have been up by 553% since a similar quarter.

When dissecting NFT exchanging volume the last months, it has all the earmarks of being somewhere near 70% since May when estimated by U.S dollars. Nonetheless, during a similar period, when estimated in Ethereum (ETH) the fall was more modest, being somewhere near 55%.

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