Pastel community is an NFT-focused layer-1 blockchain co-founded by Jeff Emmanuel and Anthony Georgiades.

The blockchain is a peer-to-peer, developer-friendly resolution that has served because the protocol commonplace for Net 3 expertise since its launch in Might 2018.

Pastel community was created to cater to the considerations that NFTs and dApps on different blockchains face together with scalability points, efficiencies, and affordability.

To deal with scalability points, pastel is designed to make the most of superior protocols out there by means of APIs to combine with any layer-1 blockchain and layer-2 dApps.

The Sense Protocol was developed to permit creators and collectors of NFTs to evaluate the relative rareness and certify the authenticity of an NFT. Sense is a deep studying expertise with highly effective duplicate detection methods that acknowledge refined similarities between two NFTS. With sense, collectors and creators can simply detect scams, counterfeits, and copyright infringements and get a certificates of authenticity for his or her distinctive creations. Lastly, the Pastel community makes use of the Cascade Protocol for NFT knowledge and metadata storage. With Cascade, NFT creators solely must pay as soon as for storage. This method eliminates centralized factors of failure, IPFS pining, month-to-month subscription upkeep, and 404 errors.

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