What had once been an admonition of dull times to come is presently a reality. Square Enix has at long last reported its NFT (or non-fungible token) project later threatening us with the organization’s hug of the disputable and largely reviled-by-gamers blockchain technology.

To work with this remarkable misuse of fans’ kindness, Square Enix has collaborated with Enjin, a NFT organization that will store Square Enix’s tokens on its Efinity blockchain. Beginning today, shoppers will actually want to pre-request an actual activity figure that accompanies a code redeemable for a computerized NFT. There will likewise be actual exchanging cards that correspondingly have a computerized NFT part accessible for pre-request later this year.

If you’re pondering which of its many establishments Square Enix is pulling these NFTs from, indeed, that is the most exceedingly terrible part. In what is maybe the most bewildering instance of “Didn’t read the source material you created,” Square Enix is making its NFTs from Final Fantasy VII — that somewhat dark non mainstream game about a lot of political dissidents bringing down an organization that is killing the planet.

Yes, you read that right. Square Enix is deciding to spread the word about its NFTs — an innovation for consume exorbitant amounts of energy adding to ridiculously expanded discharges and speeding up already out-of-control climate change on a planet that is either on fire, drowned, or melting — out of characters it made who were committed to preventing organizations from doing precisely exact thing a NFT works with.

The math isn’t mathing.

Currently, there are no pictures accessible of what the activity figure or the collectible cards will seem to be or the amount they’ll cost. In a climate where gaming-related NFTs are every now and again met with swift and furious backlash, on top of the precipitous fall in price of all things cryptocurrency, it is likewise not known whether these FFVII NFTs will have any worth other than sentimental.

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