IRVINE, CA, Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – UA Multimedia, Inc. (OTC: UAMM), an innovation holding organization and arrangement supplier in the space of blockchain, cryptographic money, non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse, is satisfied to present its NFT trading stage and to give general business updates.

NFT Swapping

UA Multimedia has been fostering a stage that will permit proprietors of NFTs to rundown and trade their NFTs for other computerized resources, including digital currencies.

As the NFT market turned out to be more experienced, the space saw a rising number of blockchains offering their own form of NFTs. Most NFT commercial centers just acknowledge a set number of installment strategies hence restricting exchange exercises.

The late slump in the crypto market had eased back how much NFT and crypto exchanging volume essentially in all cases. The low liquidity brought about numerous NFT proprietors unfit to sell their computerized assets.

To spike NFT and crypto exchanging exercises, UA Multimedia will offer a help that will permit proprietors of NFTs to trade their advanced resources in view of commonly concurred values. Not just NFTs on one blockchain can be traded for NFTs on another blockchain, they can likewise be traded for different digital currencies. The Company will go about as a middle person to work with the exchanges.

The Company intends to send off a fundamental form of the stage later this month.


GogiSwap is a decentralized permissionless digital currency trade. The stage records no tokens. It rigorously interfaces with an organization of major crypto trades overall to furnish clients with the best value revelation and liquidity for proficient exchanging.

Unlike unified trades, GogiSwap is a wallet-freethinker and non-custodial stage that doesn’t expect clients to store assets into their records. All exchanges are made through the client’s own computerized wallets, hence permitting them to be in full control of their cryptos.

Due to fierce opposition and shortcoming on the lookout, exchanging on the stage has been slow. The Company hopes to see expanding exercises sooner rather than later as it intends to utilize this stage to make helped trades and to help the NFT trading service.


The Company is fostering a stage that will permit clients to make media contents and participate in friendly exercises to procure rewards tokens. The application is booked to send off this quarter.

Gogi Marketplace

Gogi Marketplace is a Binance Smart Chain NFT commercial center. The stage permits clients to mint, rundown, trade NFTs on the Binance chain at negligible exchange cost.

The Company as of late utilize the commercial center to mint and airdrop NFTs to its investors as investor rewards. Holders of the NFTs naturally get gone into occasional wagers for different awards as well as a portion of lottery winnings.

The Company intends to utilize this stage and other chain commercial centers to offer future NFTs as well as to help NFT trading services.

GOGI Utility Token

The Company’s Binance Smart Chain BEP20 utility token, GOGI, has as of late been airdropped to UA Multimedia’s investor as remunerations. The token can likewise be acquired by taking part in or drawing in with the Company’s administrations and activities.

GOGI is as of now being exchanged at PancakeSwap, BakerySwap and Beside these trades, the Company intends to list the token on extra trades whenever it has been all the more broadly distributed.


Metaverse is the following huge innovation boondocks. Bloomberg anticipated its likely incomes to arrive at $800B by 2024. As the following advancement of the web, metaverse is the union of physical and computerized domains. It will influence a great many regions going from virtual entertainment to business, training, diversion and gaming, to name a few.

The Company intends to enter the metaverse market with little tasks and progressively increase over the long run.

Merger and Acquisitions

To develop all the more quickly, the executives is obtaining for potential procurement competitors in the blockchain and crypto space. Extra subtleties connected with this drive will be given as things materialized.

“The recent changes in the crypto space required us to re-evaluate our business and direction going forward,” remarked Michael Lajtay, CEO of UA Multimedia. “We are very excited about the current projects and their growth potential.  We look forward to sharing more information as progress are made.”

About UA Multimedia, Inc.

UA Multimedia, Inc. is an innovation holding organization and arrangement supplier with an emphasis on blockchain, digital currency, NFT and metaverse. It is likewise a holding organization trying to gain homegrown and unfamiliar substances who are in a similar space.



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