Oni Press, the comic book publisher of 25 years standing, that was merged with Lion Forge under the umbrella of the new Polarity company a few years ago, issued the following statement yesterday. It has garnered quite the reaction from the comic book industry. To the extent that I am expecting T-shirts of it for San Diego Comic-Con and I have bveen told to expect where the Oni Press panels were meant to be held, a wake tio the memory of what Oni Press once was.

It is unclear who crafted the statement, as  Director Of Publicity Tara Lehmann, Senior VP Marketing Alex Segura or even Marketing Manager Henry Barajas, are all no longer with Oni Press. But here is the reaction from many a comic creator and publisher. Beginning with the response from Nat Gertler, publisher of About Comics.

Rachel Reed: hoo wee, as someone who used to run PR at Oni, I am so glad I never had to post anything like this. This is a BIG YIKES statement. Idk how they didn’t realize that this statement affirms that their “brand” is a higher priority than their employees.

Ben Towle: Here’s a word that seems no times in that Oni public statement: “comics”.

Alex de Campi: Hi there. On the off chance that you have a book in progress emerging from Oni, I would unequivocally prescribe reaching them and proposing to repurchase the book (assuming that there was a development) or pulling the book (if not). Kindly investigate the inversion/liquidation statements in your distributing contract; address a legal counselor on the off chance that you have one. Inversions on non-distribution frequently require a long time to happen, and chapter 11… indeed, they could sell an IP bundle for pennies on the dollar, your book included. I’m being sober minded when I say the quickest method for keeping your book moving is to repurchase it, similarly as with organizations not paying solicitations because of absence of income, it’s the first and the most intense who straighten out. Try not to pause for a minute and stand by, it won’t be OK. This isn’t conceal on Oni! Comic book distributing organizations bomb a LOT. Any of us in the business for quite a while all have no less than 1-2 ventures that went down with the boat. Inevitably you figure out how to see the signs. Please accept my apologies to see Oni hit a rough patch, and for the employment misfortunes it includes, same promotion I was grieved pretty much all the PoC editors and staff that got laid off when they procured Lion Forge. The organization distributed a ton of incredible titles. Be that as it may, companions: get your work underway back NOW.

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