WISeKey Strengthens its Technology Portfolio Across Cybersecurity, IoT, NFT and the Metaverse by Constantly Learning and Adapting to Provide Customers with a Highly Trusted, Secure, and Intelligent Platform for Their Digital Transformation

Geneva, Switzerland – August 4, 2022: WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (“WISeKey”) (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX: WIHN), a main worldwide network protection, IoT, and AI organization, today declared its most recent Cybersecurity IoT improvements building up the place of WISeKey as a key part on these vital technologies.

The speed of progress being capable starting from the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in pretty much every industry is exceptional; this has prompted the speed increase of computerized changes. Private, public elements and legislatures across the globe trying to jump all over on the enormous chances ahead, are likewise confronting immense difficulties introduced by the converge of the IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, Trust, Identity Management and the Metaverse, in this manner they need another stage model that changes their tasks, safeguards their information and clients while simultaneously decreases intricacy, speeds up help sending, and builds security.

To fulfill clients’ requirements WISeKey has left on a significant computerized change adding new verticals and exercises that can be summed up as follows:

1. WISe.ART stage: WISe.ART’s extraordinary upper hand comes from its foundation which is gotten by WISeKey’s different security innovations empowering the verification of computerized character based NFTs, actual items as well as advanced resources, in a protected start to finish process. The WISe.ART stage offers clients full control of their WISeID NFT, while other NFTs should demand admittance to personality data and WISeID NFTs clients then, at that point, can choose without help from anyone else what level of data they wish to share. New specialists joining the WISe.ART NFT Marketplace that inexorably see a future for the tokens that overturns the financial matters of content creation and impact on the web. Very nearly 100 specialists have previously joined the WISe.ART NFT Marketplace with roughly 500 items, adding a business NFT deals expected total of $20 million worth of NFTs.

2. WISeSat arrangements: WISeSat is the primary practical and secure IoT availability arrangement anyplace on Earth utilizing picosatellites and low-power sensors. It means to answer the requirements of any huge IoT sending in agrotech, energy, coordinated operations and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. WISeSat gathers and sends information from earthly sensors, expanding information on the situation with resources and offering fundamental data to further develop processes and upgrade creation. These cooperations between sensors, entryways, ground stations and satellites require Trust. WISeSat, by utilizing VaultIC®, a total cryptographic tool kit that makes direct the coordination of computerized security in any satellite gadget, offers this Trust. It guarantees all Certificate-based Authentication (PKI), Authorization, Encryption, and Integrity prerequisites. The objective is to offer this help in a SaaS model permitting both remote and repetitive IoT correspondences for organizations looking to safely interface their resources by means of satellite correspondence, covering enormous and unserved geographic regions, for example, oceanic, deserts, mountains, and so on, at reasonable costs. WISeKey in collaboration with FOSSA Systems has sent off in June 2022 , 7 new WISeSat FOSSA got satellites making one of the biggest European IoT heavenly bodies ever. FOSSA has expanded to 13 the WISeSat-prepared heavenly body in circle, turning into the Spanish satellite administrator with the biggest constellation.

3. Licenses: The recording of patent application for a “System and Method for Providing Persistent Authenticatable NFT” with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), under the number US 17/514,296 guarantees the provenance, realness, industriousness, and long haul worth of NFTs that are printed on Blockchains utilizing this technique. During the stamping system, this strategy permits to guarantee that the NFT isn’t undermined, deficient, or equivocal. As a rule, there is a high trust in the capacity of a Blockchain to safeguard and store the public key and computerized signature data of the NFT alongside any resulting exchange information over lengthy and extremely extensive stretches of time. In any case, a Blockchain can’t save data that the NFT doesn’t itself incorporate. For example, uncovered in the patent application, it is the data in a steady off-chain capacity that lays out the worth and that should be confirmed and gotten.

4. NanoSealRT: The improvement of another semiconductor the NanoSealRT, a NFC Forum Type 5 semiconductor chip that works with both Android and IOS 12 (or more) gadgets (the fundamental patent conceded in March 2021 by the E.U. what’s more, the Chinese Patent Offices), further built up WISeKey’s situation as a significant Smart Label framework supplier in discernibility, hostile to falsifying and customer commitment applications.

5. Post-quantum NFC/ID card arrangements: WISeKey and Synergy Quantum are as of now creating post-quantum NFC/ID card answers for second element distinguishing proof and post-quantum encryption chips and programming stage for PQE burrowing solutions.

Of note, in October 2021, Synergy Quantum SA consented to a joint endeavor arrangement with the I-Hub Quantum Technology Foundation, under the National Mission for Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India to give its expertise and abilities to the productization and commercialization of co-created innovations in the field of quantum sciences.

On December 15, 2021, India’s Union Cabinet endorsed the Semicon India Program (Program for Development of Semiconductors and Display Manufacturing Ecosystem in India), with an expense of INR 760 billion (>US$10 billion) for the advancement of a maintainable semiconductor fabricating environment in India. As per the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association, semiconductor utilization in India was worth US$21 billion out of 2019, developing at the pace of 15.1 percent.

6. Widespread Communications Identifier (UCID): WISeKey has likewise areas of strength for gained on involving WISeID as a Universal Communications Identifier (UCID), a one of a kind identifier for an IoT gadget on an organization; the blockchain, a circulated record imparted to the hubs of a PC network ensures security and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), cryptographic resources on a blockchain can’t be repeated. The joined viable use of these innovations — carrying out UCID on the gadget, utilizing NFTs, and putting them on the blockchain — guarantees that the actual gadget is verified on an organization that can’t be corrupted.

7. NCCoE project: WISeKey’s procedure to additionally extend its U.S. tasks will likewise profit from the new declaration it has been chosen as a teammate by NIST for the NCCoE Trusted IoT Device Network-Layer Onboarding and Lifecycle Management Consortium project. Extra data on this consortium can be found at: http://www.nccoe.nist.gov/projects/trusted-iot-device-network-layer-onboarding-and-lifecycle-management. For this venture, WISeKey is working with NIST to characterize suggested rehearses for performing confided in network-layer onboarding, which will support the execution and utilization of trusted onboarding answers for IoT gadgets at scale. The WISeKey commitments to the task will be Trust Services for certifications and secure semiconductors to keep the accreditations secure. In particular, WISeKey will offer INeS Certificate Management Service (CMS) for giving accreditations and VaultIC secure semiconductors to give sealed key capacity and cryptographic acceleration.

8. The Code to The Metaverse: This year The Code to The Metaverse, was formally presented at Davos in May in a more extensive organization with NBC, who will deliver a 12-section multi-media series to incorporate transmission, occasion and virtual entertainment programming. Grounded in a human-driven establishment, The transHuman Code gives a moral stage to engineers, empowering influences and clients of new advancements to focus on keeping individuals at the focal point of gravity in the connection between lady/man and machine. With its foundations in the improvement of secure personality the executives, WISeKey has remained at the front of giving more prominent security to information verification starting around 1999. Later on, The transHuman Code stage, got by WISeKey, could consistently guarantee that mechanical advancements safeguard people in the all conditions. Our concurrence with man-made reasoning will challenge all shows of moral standards as we have referred to them, as we keep on digitizing our workplace, our social connection, and our proactive tasks. Ongoing advancements have constrained legislatures all over the planet to do whatever it takes to rapidly figure out how Metaverse, this new wilderness of development, is testing the conventional origination of Sovereignty. With information being put away practically on the Metaverse anyplace on the planet and government representatives and residents utilizing data innovation frameworks that are facilitated and worked from anyplace (even beyond their ward), the normal sovereign freedoms over that date on the Metaverse should be rethought. Numerous data innovation organizations are let legislatures know that that their renditions of the Metaverse will be sufficient to guarantee sway over their information and residents. Others are expressing that new regulation is expected to safeguard residents. With everything taken into account, the arrangements they propose are halfway and unsatisfactory.

9. Network safety Tech Accord participation: WISeKey is an individual from the Cybersecurity Tech Accord ( https://cybertechaccord.org/ ) is a public responsibility among in excess of 150 worldwide innovation organizations to safeguard, enable and further develop security, soundness and resi