‘NFTs: Enter the Metaverse’ Narrative on ABC Owned Stations May 21

‘NFTs: Enter the Metaverse’ Documentary on ABC Owned Stations May 21

ABC Owned Television Stations debuts the narrative NFTs: Enter the Metaverse May 21. A gander at how non-fungible tokens have built up extensive speed in a brief timeframe, NFTs: Enter the Metaverse will air on the eight claimed stations, on the gathering’s streaming channels and on ABC News Live.

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The one-hour narrative ganders at advanced craftsman Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann, who “shook the world,” as per the ABC bunch, when his NFT turn out sold for $69.4 million at a bartering. “The sale marked the beginning of an unstoppable NFT wave, where everyone from digital artists to mainstream celebrities began creating, selling and collecting NFTs via cryptocurrency on Blockchain,” added ABC Owned Stations.

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