Nike and RTFKT Go to the Metaverse with CryptoKicks Sneakers

Nike and RTFKT Go to the Metaverse with CryptoKicks Sneakers

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Nike and RTFKT send off CryptoKicks shoes assortment for the Metaverse.
In December, Nike purchased NFT Sneaker shop RTFKT to drive its web3 objectives.
Nike went Metaverse in 2021 with ‘NIKELAND’, where players can dress their symbols in Nike items.

As the year advances, action in the metaverse keeps on building up speed, with standard players recognizing web3 as the future.

Metaverse-related brand name filings have been wild, with Web3 offering unending development opportunities.

When U.S banking goliaths JPMorgan and Citi get bullish it is difficult to ignore.

In February, JPMorgan set some things in motion, purchasing land in Decentraland (MANA). JPMorgan projected the Metaverse to convey more than $1 trillion in Metaverse-related yearly revenues.

Last month, Citi conveyed a more bullish standpoint, projecting a $13 trillion Metaverse by 2030.

Overnight, RTFKT Studios hit Twitter to share a video of the new RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks.

RTFKT tweeted,

“RTFKT, together with Nike CryptoKicks, introduce the future of Sneakers, powered by Skin Vial tech.”

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