Open Venture Partners places its portfolio in the metaverse

Unlock Venture Partners puts its portfolio in the metaverse

A Los Angeles-and Seattle-based trading company might be quick to put its own portfolio page in the metaverse.

“As far as we know it’s never been done,” Unlock Venture Partners prime supporter Sanjay Reddy told dot.LA.

Created by Pixelcanvas, a L.A. startup supported by the venture company, the “Unlockverse” runs inside a straightforward internet browser and drops you straightforwardly into a sparkly, virtual showroom.

While most VC portfolio sites usually appear as a boring page with hyperlinked logos, the Unlockverse is a virtual space the size of a plane shed with every one of the features of a very good quality shopping center. Inside, 3D customer facing facades are themed to match the organizations that possess each space.

For model, DressX’s room in the Unlockverse resembles an advanced shop, as it works a style centered NFT commercial center. Open’s own room, interestingly, is generally straight-forward, including a blue sky roof and outlined photograph slideshows of its group on the walls.

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