Our Happy Company Taps Circle to Democratize NFT Ownership

LOS ANGELES and TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Democratizing NFTs begins with a frictionless encounter for all clients. Today, Our Happy Company * declared a combination for its social NFT stage, OurSong, with Circle, a worldwide monetary innovation firm that gives installment and monetary foundation to web organizations and the essential administrator of USD Coin (USDC). By utilizing Circle’s installment arrangements, OurSong, which launched globally earlier this month, can give a simple to-utilize and more open way for makers and customers to trade NFTs.

“We want to democratize NFTs for the masses, and that starts with one of the biggest challenges for first-time users: overcoming a complicated process to buy your first digital collectible,” said Chris Lin, CEO of Our Happy Company. “By bringing Circle’s infrastructure into OurSong, we’re making creating or buying your first NFT as simple and straightforward as purchasing a digital album or placing your next delivery order.”

While numerous NFT commercial centers require confounded processes for purchasing, claiming, and selling advanced tokens, OurSong’s foundation brings together NFTs and assets into a solitary versatile application. By coordinating Circle’s installment rails, OurSong smoothes out the interaction for clients, making it more available to a more extensive environment of makers and customers. On OurSong, clients can undoubtedly buy the stage’s in-application credit OurSong Dollar (OSD) by means of Mastercard, charge card, or USDC, and afterward close immediately start utilizing it to trade for NFTs from their cherished makers, without expecting to claim a different digital currency wallet.

“Simplifying payment for NFTs is an integral step toward helping creators take advantage of this growing technology,” said Jeremy Allaire, fellow benefactor and CEO of Circle. “OurSong’s vision to democratize NFTs for everyday users is exciting for us to support.”

OurSong offers a fair stage for makers to be found, adapt their work, and draw in with fans through NFTs. Sent off recently, its fellow benefactors incorporate John Legend; Chris Lin, prime supporter/CEO of KKCompany; Kevin Lin, fellow benefactor of Twitch; and others across innovation and entertainment.

OurSong is accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more data if it’s not too much trouble, visit, https://www.oursong.com/.

* Circle Ventures is additionally a financial backer in Our Happy Company.

About Our Happy Company

Founded by John Legend and a gathering of veteran sequential business people from the innovation and media outlet, Our Happy Company is building blockchain innovation for the maker economy. The organization’s first portable application, OurSong, is a shopper social NFT stage that permits clients to effectively find, make, and exchange NFTs while building social followings and computerized networks. The establishing group is situated in Singapore, Taipei, and Los Angeles.

For more data, visit https://www.oursong.com/ or follow OurSong on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

About Circle

Circle is a worldwide monetary innovation firm that empowers organizations, everything being equal, to bridle the force of advanced monetary forms and public blockchains for installments, trade and monetary applications around the world. Circle is the vital administrator of USD Coin (USDC), one of the quickest developing dollar advanced monetary standards driving generally on web local trade and installments with a flow more noteworthy than $52 billion as of February 2022 and more than $2.5 trillion in on-chain exchanges in 2021 as per interior information collection. Today, Circle

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