Peter Dundas-Designed Grammy Handbag Is Now a NFT – WWD

Peter Dundas-Designed Grammy Handbag Is Now an NFT – WWD

Peter Dundas is no more peculiar to the Grammy red carpet.

The Norwegian creator, who lives in Los Angeles, overwhelmed features in 2017 subsequent to making Beyoncé’s whole closet for music’s greatest evening. What’s more, the previous evening, at the 64th yearly Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, eyes were on his custom yellow and orange ombré jumpsuit, made for vocalist lyricist H.E.R., motivated by a look worn by Aretha Franklin in 1976.

But watchers might have missed another of his plans at the honor show: (*’s) martini-molded handbag.Paris HiltonMade with the support of French vodka organization Gray Goose (thus the shape), the piece is accessible beginning Monday as a NFT through a 72-hour closeout with DressX, a Ukrainian computerized just, multibrand stage. Blue and silver, embellished with 3,404 handset Swarovski precious stones, the adornment required about a month to create.

Dundas said.

“It made sense to do something that almost felt like a piece of jewelry,”
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