Presenting Legverse – The First Metaverse For Legs [APRIL FOOL’S]

Introducing Legverse - The First Metaverse For Legs [APRIL FOOL'S]

There are times when little organizations carry large advancements to our reality. This is generally likely during the development phase of another innovation: envision what has occurred for example with Facebook, Youtube, and Netflix when the broadband Internet became inescapable. Presently, during the metaverse publicity, we of New Technology Walkers have believed that it is an ideal opportunity to carry our vision to the world, and change it for eternity. We have figured out how to break the current mass of VR, that restricts the chance of cooperating inside the virtual universes with every one of our bodies. Furthermore, we believe that this development was required since a long time.

You know that typically, I like to compose dividers of texts, however for this situation, a video is the most ideal way to feature our advancement. So kindly, spare a few minutes for you and watch the send off video of our new imaginative virtual world (or “metaverse” like the cool children presently say), that we are working as a team with premium accomplices like Double Eye Studios, Against Reality, VRrOOm, and AWE. I guarantee you that it will be something progressive, that you have never experienced before.

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