Presently you can purchase a NFT of intriguing Dead Sea pictures

Now you can buy an NFT of rare Dead Sea images

Consistently, the Dead Sea loses what could be compared to 600 Olympic pools of water, said Noam Bedein, 39, organizer of the charity Dead Sea Revival Project.

In a work to keep the ocean from “vanishing completely,” Bedein says, he is unloading 100 of his Dead Sea photos on OpenSea, the world’s biggest NFT (non-fungible token) commercial center, from March 22 (World Water Day) to April 22 (Earth Day).

The project, called Genesis NFT, is additionally supported by (*’s) chief, Ari Leon Fruchter. The closeout’s cash is in NFTs, which are computerized resources put away on the blockchain.The Dead Sea Museum Bedein tells ISRAEL21c.

“We are using futuristic tools to help preserve an ancient body of water,”Proceeds from the deal will be utilized for lawful and administrative endeavors to reestablish water to the Dead Sea.“People can own a digital photograph which serves as a testament to this enchanted water treasure.”

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