Quiznos, Taco Del Mar sending off in metaverse

Quiznos, Taco Del Mar launching in metaverse

Rego Restaurant Group, which possesses Quiznos and Taco Del Mar, is joining the metaverse, on account of a June association with The NFT Agency to give virtual landowners and NFT gatherers the amazing chance to buy computerized ace franchises.

“We are excited to be among the first movers in the restaurant industry to build franchises in the metaverse. Our team is continually cooking up ways to enhance how we engage with Quiznos sandwich and Taco Del Mar taco fans everywhere, including virtual environments,” Mark Lohmann, leader of Rego Restaurant Group, said in the delivery. “Through these NFT drops come opportunities for each digital master franchise owner to generate revenue through fun, inventive promotional campaigns that we are creating just for this platform.”

“The metaverse and real life are one and the same as the focus is centered around providing a unique experience and providing value,” NFT Agency Chief Operating Officer Jesse Galati said in the delivery. “Each NFT purchase will include the digital franchise building that holders will be able to put on the metaverse land that they own. REGO will provide franchise assistance and education to holders, and the fulfillment will be setup and managed by The NFT Agency.”

This isn’t whenever Rego first has collaborated with The NFT Agency. Last year, the organization sent off a progression of Quiznos “Out of this World” sandwich tokens with a piece of the returns gave to World Central Kitchen, a philanthropic zeroed in on finishing strive after networks and nations in crisis.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Rego Restaurant Group is upheld by High Bluff Capital Partners and oversees almost 800 eateries in 32 countries.

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