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Web: https://rrok.game

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ragnarok_nft

Discord: https://discord.gg/ragnarok_nft

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ragnaroknft

Trailer: Ragnarok – Powered by MasterBrews

What is the task’s send off date?

2nd/third seven day stretch of April 2022

How did you think of the ideas?
As any individual who has followed our undertakings for as long as year knows, we are a group who loves to develop and push limits and investigate groundbreaking thoughts.

Originally, we had intended to do “SolHalla” as a Norse Mythology PFP project with our craftsman RIOTG3AR on Solana, yet because of our encounters there and feeling the market was not exactly ideal for us, we chose to take it back to Ethereum.

We began investigating scaled down games for utility, for example, our own custom interpretation of Norse dice and runestone games and the thought developed into an undeniable fight competition framework, with a token, different seasons where we will incorporate different specialists, mechanics and topics, and the capacity to offer it to different networks trying to enhance their holders.

What Makes this project unique?
From a specialized viewpoint, we will utilize a few profound, profound gas improvements playing with bitmaps and memory allotment that couple of different activities have investigated. Other than negligible gas charges to mint, and some when they wish to cash their gathered RROK tokens out, there will be no expenses for our clients to pay for matchmaking, deciding fight results, pursuing mid-round choices, etc. Rounds will be set off by the group and all per-round gas costs paid for by the group straightforwardly. All that will be 100 percent obvious and completely on-chain.

Another thing which we feel sets this kind of on-chain game separated, is, the group will give prompt liquidity in how much $200,000 USD. Players will actually want to cash out and have genuine liquidity anytime, which brings down their gamble. Our tokenomics master, Dr. BouMa, has gone through near two months culminating the drawn out maintainability recipe which we are certain will hold interest and purchasing strain in a reasonable configuration throughout our initial eight seasons and beyond.

Finally, everything about made in view of the holder. Indeed, even our Whitelist or Free Mint tokens are fabulous bits of craftsmanship, which we airdrop to our own detriment to their proprietors; we have additionally started a programmed consume during mint, saving them the additional expense or potential endorsement transaction.

How Big is the group and what are their roles?

The Masterbrews group sums 14 right now, and everybody is a central participant, from our tech group to tokenomics master to architects and local area supervisory crew. Furthermore, we are joined by Tim Jooste (Koin Games) in an Advisory job. RIOTG3AR is our Season One Artist, while V.VIZ contributed the Whitelist Runestone artwork.

What is the price?
Season One mints will go for 0.075 ETH each. Each season from there on, will mint 75,000 RROK or the comparable +20% in ETH in light of market esteem around then. This is nevertheless one manner by which we support good interest for RROK.

Why is that value fair?
While we have seen various activities begin emerging at 0.10 or 0.15 or 0.20 lately, we feel that 0.075 ETH is the right “sweet spot” for section. We need to be reasonable to all. Offered the chances to win genuine cash, the phenomenal craftsmanship, day to day giveaways and prizes in our Discord’s Valhalla Lounge for “fallen warriors”, a ⅛ opportunity of passage to our Night of Champions and then some; there is a LOT of significant worth pressed in for your ETH here.

What is the Mint Size?

There will be 4,096 all out fighters accessible to mint. They will be isolated into 8 Factions, each with 512 amount. The mint isn’t irregular, in that you really get to pick your number one group to mint from – or blend and-match how you see fit !

Are there any mechanics we ought to know about?
As far as the token goes, we will offer DeFi standard time-locked marking (ie. acquire an APY %). Beginning with Season Two, we likewise plan to acquaint Peer-with Peer Wagering on fights and perhaps some side prop wagers. Different Mini-Games are likewise on our rundown as a method for keeping things new and interest high.

The center ongoing interaction mechanics are robotized, in the actual matchmaking and assurance of fight results. Nonetheless, players truly do have one decision to make between adjusts: are they able to take a chance with their failure’s satchel in return for their God’s Blessing (which offers a 5% edge in battle)?

Links to imaginative we can use on the website
Likely best to ask us for what you want precisely as we have a wide assortment from character recordings to real heroes, to the Gods themselves.

What occurs on the off chance that Season One doesn’t mint out?
This is an extraordinary inquiry. The competition structure is worked to have a careful number, detachable equally right down to a solitary Champion. While our group is certain about our endeavors to accomplish a natural rat, we really do have a couple of emergency courses of action set up would it be advisable for us we miss the mark. A few choices incorporate, yet are not restricted to, airdropping unminted heroes to holders; supporting our advertising financial plan and spend; removing a round totally. We won’t utilize a “BYE” framework as we feel it detracts from the tomfoolery and generally speaking experience.

What about the Gods (Faction Leaders) themselves?
These are unique 1/1 NFTs which will be granted as a little something extra award to the Final 8 champions. If by some stroke of good luck one hero of that Faction type exists in the Final 8, they will accept their God. Assuming that different have made it from a similar Faction, who gets which will be randomized. Beside being astounding bits of workmanship, these Gods will have unique utility (which is being settled and is unannounced at this time).

What is the “Night of Champions”?

The summit of Seasons 1-8 is the Night of Champions. This extremely exceptional competition will be totally comprised of the triumphant groups from the initial eight seasons, with programmed passage at no expense for the holder and ensured prizes for each and every fighter. The award pool is developed from a % of every mint expense and resurrection charges of every past season, as well as a few extraordinary shocks the group might add to the pool. In this way, regardless of whether your hero falls in the absolute first round of Season One, you actually have a shot to enter the NoC should your group win. Cheer them on!

What is Reincarnation?
In the occasion your fighter isn’t important for the triumphant champion’s in some random season, you will have a window of time to select to “reincarnate” them for an expense of 50,000 RROK. This will promise you an arbitrary mint in the forthcoming season (where the charge to another minter is 75,000 RROK). The 50,000 RROK paid will add to the award pool of that season, marking rewards and the NoC. This is nevertheless one way we wish to compensate holders who follow us on this excursion from one season to another, by setting aside them cash and ensuring their mint.

Are the Upcoming Seasons Already Planned out?
We have a ton of thoughts, as well as intrigued Artists, yet we would rather not lose track of the main issue at hand. It is vigorously expected that Season Two will highlight a Dystopian Anime topic in the remarkable style of Kenyan craftsman Warren Magara and Season Three is resembling a 3D bend on Greek Mythology, an undisputed top choice of our own, by Cambodian craftsman V.VIZ. Each season will introduce new mechanics, turns and turns.

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