Reef dispatches NFT group zeroed in on spray painting and electronic music craftsmen

Reef is driving the way for the following rush of NFT artists.

Reef, a layer 1 Substrate based blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, reported today it’s starting another NFT division zeroed in on interfacing with spray painting and electronic specialists while increasing it’s blockchain to be more NFT-friendly.

In the most recent two months, Reef has been working in the background to launch its commitment to the NFT scene. They’ve recruited Philip Galaviz, a persuasive figure in the Denver music and workmanship scene, to join the group as Head of NFT. Philip has worked with Digitally Imported Radio, Global Dance, and various electronic music specialists, and is building a social expressions and music program by means of IRL joint efforts. As Head of NFT, Philip will lead Reef’s business improvement and extend its contributions to a wide scope of craftsmen, starting with electronic and spray painting specialists, and collection cover designers.

Philip and the Reef group pushed the main phase of their NFT wave at ETHDenver with a packed  amateurs studio, metawall, NFT challenge, and acquaintances with spray painting craftsmen, for example, TukeOne, Mike Graves, and Emit One DF. On top of this, Reef as of late declared their first influx of award awardees with three NFT advancement projects being granted a portion of the $210,500. These incorporate Kanaloa, Dimension 11 Studios, and Oyster, who will fabricate commercial centers and other NFT dApps on Reef.

Denko Mancheski, CEO of Reef, said:

“I firmly believe we have identified one of the most impactful engagements we could make this year that will help cement Reef’s future as a blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. Phillip is a well-known industry veteran with deep connections in the music and art world, and we’re working with new NFT projects to make Reef NFT-friendly and accessible to everyone.”

In the most recent fourteen days, Reef took enormous actions in refreshing their blockchain. They sent off ReefScan V2, and a $REEF Community Staking Bond. Denko and Reef colleagues will likewise be going to Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai toward the finish of the month.

About Reef

Reef’s Substrate-based layer 1 blockchain with savvy contract usefulness offers an instinctive client experience, high versatility, and low charges, assisting the environment with being a go-to stage for NFT projects. Reef is the most exceptional EVM-viable blockchain with savvy contract usefulness. In light of a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) agreement instrument, the organization offers low charges and adaptability, as well as a horde of highlights, including local symbolic extensions, on-chain administration, repeating installments, and significantly more. In the long run, the stage will likewise uphold an extra virtual machine that will permit designers to compose code in a few different programming languages.

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