Reliable Money #46: The Metaverse Is About To Change Betting Forever

Guaranteed Money #46: The Metaverse Is About To Change Betting Forever

Host Ryan Doyle and millennial business visionary Anthony Varrell see what happens when the metaverse slams into wagering in this episode of Guaranteed Money.

It’s not frequently that there’s a story that falls into our lap and we keep thinking about whether it was composed only for our show, however Sharp Link Gaming is by all accounts a cross segment of the multitude of various things we discuss on Guaranteed Money. They give information driven client commitment and change answers for the US sports wagering and gaming industry, and the huge news is the way they’ve extended as a team with Quintar.

Quintar is a tech stage organization that empowers live games encounters in the metaverse – or possibly that is the thing they’re making progress toward. Bloomberg says the metaverse market could reach $800bn by 2024. Find out where we believe it’s throughout the entire going term, and for what reason we’re so excited.

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