Ringo Starr offers admittance to “groundbreaking digital gallery experience” with NFT assortment

Ringo Starr offers access to “groundbreaking digital gallery experience” with NFT collection

Ringo Starr will make his introduction on the blockchain one month from now, reporting an assortment of NFT craftsmanships named ‘The Creative Mind Of A Beatle’.

The assortment highlights five of Starr’s unique workmanship pieces – two compositions, one Bansky-esque self-picture, and two crossover works – each being stamped as releases of four. Each piece will accompany an actual print of the relating work of art, endorsed by Starr, as well as a sound recording of Starr playing out a unique organization roused by the piece, composed for and delivered solely through the assortment, on the drums.

“I am excited to join this digital art community,” he said in a video reporting the assortment, “and look forward to continuing to learn and build in Web3. I’ve been doing art for many, many years, with paint, stencils, digitally, spin art… I’m honoured to be part of this community.”

As for why Starr decided to join the NFT train, he made sense of: “It’s really important to have a platform to display your art and to be in control of how it is shared and appreciated.”

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