Road picture taker utilizes NFTs to impart the abundance to ‘overlooked’ road entertainers

Street photographer uses NFTs to share the wealth with 'underappreciated' street performers

Whether it’s Shakespeare in the recreation area, a spring up workmanship market or a road entertainer playing an instrument, there is dependably craftsmanship to be seen in Boston. Scarcely any individuals understand this better than the picture takers who do everything within their power to record their environmental factors.

When busker Donald Heller, also known as The Hurdy Gurdy Man, was drawn closer by a picture taker in 2019 to have his photograph taken, he barely cared about it. He’s become familiar with enormous groups coming to watch him play his archaic hurdy-gurdy, a string instrument that produces sound utilizing a hand-turned wheel that makes grating against the strings, like a violin bow.

“Playing in the streets of Boston for 12 years, there are thousands of people that take photos of me every summer,” Heller said. He never envisioned that his similarity would be transformed into NFTs worth $4,162.63 (as of April 26, 2022), or that he would get a part of that money.

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