Robert Kiyosaki Says Solana Has Bitcoin-Like Potential – Benzinga

Robert Kiyosaki Says Solana Has Bitcoin-Like Potential - Benzinga

Robert Kiyosaki, the writer behind the top rated “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book series, has added one more cryptographic money to his portfolio.

What Happened: In a meeting with Stansberry Research recently, Kiyosaki affirmed that he had as of late added Solana SOL/USD to his crypto portfolio, notwithstanding Bitcoin BTC/USD and Ethereum ETH/USD.

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“Some people are advocating that Solana is the next Bitcoin, but why did you add this [SOL] now? Why do you like it,” asked Stansberry Research anchor Daniela Cambone.

“As we all know, there are insiders to every deal,” answered Kiyosaki.

“The best deals are always done early. So, when people say, ‘Do you invest in Bitcoin?’, [my answer is] yes, when it was $6,000. Solana is still early, and it’s got a possibility, it’s a long shot.”

The candid writer has been vocal with his analysis of the Biden organization’s strategies and their effect on the monetary environment.

Last month, he anticipated that the U.S. would hold onto all crypto and convert it into “government crypto.”

Price Action: According to information from Benzinga Pro, SOL was exchanging at $101.26, down 0.40% as of now. BTC was exchanging at $39,800, down 1.11% and ETH was exchanging at $2,990, down 1.28% over a similar period.

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